Studio3 Fibre Arts

Who Are We?

Studio Three Fibre Arts is a partnership between Roberta Murrant and Jean Down. We produce quality, uniquely hand-woven clothing, textiles and fibre art.

We bring our collective 80 years of experience, skills and interest to the creation of hand weaving, dying, fibre arts and work together on unique endeavours and commissions.

Our studios are located in our homes and we often come together to sell our collections at special events and sales.

Our woven textiles can be computer designed, woven on multi harness looms or reproductions of historical patterns woven on 4 harnesses.

We have also used our skills to analyse and catalogue a collection of over 80 antique coverlets from the early 1800’s, resulting in many of the patterns being able to be reproduced today.

By integrating old and new techniques, we hope to show that hand-weaving has a bright future.

The Artists


Roberta Murrant is an Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Master Weaver (1987) from Kanata, Ontario, with over 50 years’ experience.

Roberta is particularly interested in designing, and uses computer software to build upon traditional weaving patterns.

Roberta’s projects include hand-woven and hand-dyed scarves, woven wire wall hangings, and any challenge that comes along.

As a dyer, she has taught many painted silk workshops.


Jean Down has been weaving in Ottawa, Ontario for 30 years.

Her primary interest is historical weaves and using these traditional designs in a modern context.

Lately she has been adapting weave structures and combining different fibres to create textured cloth.

Jean’s projects include scarves, triangular shawls, and runners.

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